Report on reconnaissance survey on site selection of in the slum to install a sanitary latrine

Report on simply reconnaissance survey on site selection of in the slum
to install a sanitary latrine

Engineers Without Boarders-International is a non-profit organization which works for the people leading their life below poverty level for changing their current condition. As it is an organization of Engineers, so the main theme of this organization is to work in the field of constructions, it, sanitation, structures, and environment and so on. The function of EWB-International is also to facilitate multinational collaborative projects and enhance the effectiveness of individual EWB’s/ISF’s, especially start-up groups in the developing world. This organization is doing projects by having grants from “Alcoa Foundation”, “Boeing” & “World Bank Community connections”.

A number of students from a well-known University of Bangladesh named “Rajshahi University of Engineering & Technology” have been inspired by observing the greatness of EWB-International. As per condition of EWB, a team has been formed by a number of students and professional who are interested in such projects/chapters of EWB. The opening chapter of the team want to install a sanitary latrine in a remote area. Deciding this, the investigations for selecting a site for the following project will be started.

Reconnaissance survey of site selection was the first step of the team. Near the panchabatimor, there is a large slum on the bank of Padma River. It is about a kilometer away from the Talaimarimor,Rajshahi. About 200-300 families live there.There is an acute scarcity of proper sanitation in there. Most people use temporary toilets made of a single pan and small bamboo fence.

     According to the inhabitants, they don’t have proper sanitation as they lead a life below poverty level. It is also heard that they have to face severe flood during the rainy season. Last year, the flood water was stood there more than three months.  Most people in the slum are illiterate. The government & CDP have already installed 80 tube wells and 80 sanitary latrines there. But, those are far away from the bank of the river. The families, whose only living space is on the bank was not facilitated. For this reason, the team from RUET decided to go there for selecting a site/spot for setting a sanitary latrine.They have chosen a site there with the Ward Commissionaire to install a sanitary latrine so that at least 4 families can use it.

The site was finally selected with the help of the Commissionaire of that area of 24 No ward of Rajshahi city corporation.

The date of reconnaissance survey is july,04,2014.

More information please contact EWB-RUET

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