Mud-Bamboo Heat Proof, Sustainable Low Cost Roof Technology in Bangladesh

For most parts of the Bangladesh, bamboo and mud are locally available material and have been used as building material for centuries and villages. Bamboo can be easily grown and is one of the cheapest construction materials. A good bamboo cut into strips has the tensile strength almost equal to about that of steel. Mud is also available for using as the building and roof construction material. The combination of the bamboo and mud works better construction material and the construction of roof of the low cost housing is more efficient, heat proofing and Sustainable. It is provided extra space for keeping household materials. Even if the surface soil is unsuitable for wall building, there may be suitable mud beneath, or by adding stabilizers then mud may be made suitable.
The construction process of the roof is easy bamboo mud roof, mud is laying on the bamboo thick fencing. This technology is used on most rural house in Bangladesh. This technology reducing heat half of the summer season heat at the room of the bamboo mud roof.
Housing is one of the basic needs of human beings. Since the beginning of civilization men try to make their dwellings safe and comfortable. They are trying to get comfortable on the ground according to their potential and their habitat. In Bangladesh village people use traditional houses
and they also try to make their habitant comfortable. Usually tin shed houses are seen in the villages.
The wall may be made of mud, bamboo and brick.
In the northern villages of Bangladesh a different technique is used for making the roof. A special type of ceiling is provided in this roof. This ceiling keeps the room environment cool.
It is not costly at all. Furthermore the village people use the ceiling for storing purpose. It is used the ceiling for keeping there are the seasonal crops such as onion, garlic and corn etc. Day by day temperature of the earth is increasing due to global warming. If there is no heat protector like this type of, village people find it very difficult to survive because of this temperature rising. Now it is time to concern on this issue and to improve traditional method with help of modern technologies.                     
Four Layer of Mud-Bamboo heat proof roof technology

Roof of Mud-Bamboo 


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