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‘Assessment of Supply Water Quality in the Charulata School Bhaban and the Slum of Chittagong City in Bangladesh.’

EWB Bangladesh was always with Charulata School Bhaban now new project for the previous humanitarian engineering. Magical Light Foundation and The M Exchange is always with underprivileged community and The Charulata School is run by Magical Light Foundation.
Water is one of the vital components of the physical environment. The quality of drinking water is closely associated with human health, and providing safe drinking water is one of important public health priorities.

Including Charulata School Bhaban, Chittagong  Slum and city dwellers are not only suffering from inadequate water supply but also are they posed to serious threat due to the scarcity of safe water.
Once the EWB Bangladesh team has met onsite after assessment they can make up with a proposal and budget of water filtering for Charulata School Bhaban which we will review. If it is approved, MLF will release funding for its implementation.

Also the Chemist without borders are willing to test water and recommend filtration system.

The interested Engineers, Volunteer, Motivated Person and EWB Members are requested to Hands on the project.

Water Quality Assessment of Charulata School Bhaban


From the MExchange

Construction of Charulata Bidyapith: Jhautala Branch.

We will be working with Charulata 'চারুলতা' (সুপ্ত সত্তায় প্রাণের সঞ্চারণ) to establish our second free school for underprivileged children in Chittagong, Bangladesh.

This project will be a major milestone for us as it will be our first attempt at reaching communities outside the current area. We hope to be able to enroll 60-80 new primary students in this new building.

Our engineering friends from Engineers Without Borders Bangladesh will be consulting and advising us on this construction project. We estimate that construction will be done by the end of March, 2016.

The volunteers at Charulata have shown us that they are capable and dedicated in this field of social service. We are confident that the application of the same model in a new area will provide us with the same amazing results we have seen from the current project.

Some basic school statistics are available here: 

Picture : Charulata Bidyapith, Chittagong, Bangladesh

Collins Santha


 EWB-RUET, Bangladesh

 The Students of Rajshahi University of Engineering & Technology(RUET) have create the group of EWB-RUET.The first practical development works of EWB's in Bangladesh is going to initiate by EWB-RUET which organization of RUET students.EWB-RUET has design a project of 'Slum Sanitary Toilet' and it is trying to get the fund of the project.

Further more information please contact with MD.MOSHIUR RAHMAN MISU SHAH by and


The EWB-HSTU, Dinajpur, Bangladesh is  planning to construct a low cost, affordable, sustainable  house for the local dream less poorest people! 



 In terms of this project in Jorgen Babur Mart, we would like an engineer to support the process including:
a) Participate in the 'dream community' workshop. (this will likely be at the end of October). This will focus on long, medium, and short terms goals that the community would like to do.
b) Help facilitate a workshop with the community to make a detailed plan of what infrastructure they need.

c) Design the infrastructure (likely roads and drains), including engineers estimate.

d)  Review the designs with me and then with the community.

e)  Assist the community in planning for implementation (the works will be managed by the community committee, but with assisstance from engineer and SAFE) 

f)  Some supervision during implementation; give training on quality assurance (cement test, mixing concrete etc).

Jo Ashbridge - she runs Azuko, who are funding the project
Abonee - architect based in Dhaka. She will be helping to organise the initial workshops and give oversight to the whole process. 
Jess & Amar - EWB volunteers from the UK 

In terms of time requirements for the project of JBM:

There will be a workshop around the beginning of November with the community over 1 or 2 days. This will be run by Abonee. The community will be making plans for their settlement and choosing what to spend the money on! You would need to be present for this. You could use this time to collect baseline information and understand community preferences. We will prduce a design brief at this stage.

We should then come up with initial ideas and finalise a preliminary design. We can do this together, based on the information we have gathered and the community preferences and budget available. You might have to visit Dinajpur once more at this stage to agree this with the community before moving forward and collect any more information required for detailed design. This needs to be done in November.

Detailed design to be done can obviously be done in Dhaka, or where-ever is convenient. It should include a detailed Engineers Estimate. Again I will be involved and will give comments and feedback on this process. This needs to be finished by mid-December. Again, we will need a visit to DInajpur again at this stage to communicate the design to the community and to SAFE.

During construction it would be good to make one or two visits to see how things are going. We might even look at doing some training of simple quality control proceedures.

That may all sound complicated, but in the end, the infrastructure upgrade will be small and relatively simple. It does however need to be well thought out - and I am interested in making sure we get the process right so that it may be replicated in other slums. 

It will be a little bit of work for you or whoever is interested, but will be a very good bit of experience for you. I will be providing support and guidance and this is an area where there is starting to be a lot of interest from NGOs and multi-lateral donors like the World Bank.

The baseline information is being collected in the next few week, but some of the survey work would be undertaken by the engineer when they visit for the first time.


John Arnold

Further more information please contact with EWB- Bangladesh by

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