Day of Civilization, Documentary on Mason about to Construction and Building Safety in Bangladesh

Watch the Documentary on Mason in Bangladesh about to Construction and Building Safety

The total population of Bangladesh is projected to grow over 250 million by 2050. The project is large or small, does it well; engineers are able to work with different level of people or worked by them. One of them class is the mechanic, the mechanic and the mason is one kind of professional people, who directly involve with the construction works.

 Every project has one head mechanic and his head down  are much more focused mason, who started from the Labor Management, turn to a variety of projects in various important and broad roles in the development of civilization, making the work manually.

Poster of Documentary on Mason by named Day of Civilization by Md. Moshiur Rahman Misu Shah

The Mason are the representative of engineers to general people. In the villages or undeveloped towns where civil engineering services are royal matter, mason are recruited as project manager. Because the plan, design and construction and that of the small work is manually done by them. Masonry is an area that pays a lot of people who never been to school, but in the big scheme of work and work related to the construction of many complex calculations can be very easy. But they do not learn these things work.  For these limitations, some of them created by the infrastructure of the threat.

The documentary is focused on the image of mason life, their skills, some wrong works is done by them, their hopes and their frustration and if a good training is provided that they will be turned into efficient mass wealth. And they also play more robust role in the development of a country.

Poster of Documentary on Mason by named Day of Civilization by Md. Moshiur Rahman Misu Shah

By watching television or any other media we observe the developed countries have a very nice house in order or infrastructure, those are really well planned and design. In those countries have the authority to define what color of these house buildings,but we are independent in our country for building infrastructure , so we want to build infrastructure as our wishes. By filling agricultural land, rivers - canals infrastructure is built. In this condition of the country if the government pays an attention to build their house in fixed color it is not accepted by general public. Hence those all general people building their home by the help of this mason. The importance of training all the way ahead to warn those masons, then one time those general people are aware about construction work.

Masonry Construction work is learnt one mason from another and one head mason teaches construction work about 15 to 20 people on his whole life then.. .   Providing  some  training to the community it can be improved, then they will play a big role in developing the country.

There is no safety solution for construction workers

 Those well trained mason will encourage directly the common people to take the   engineering services. When everything will be maintained by engineers there must be reflected the maximum security and modern work.

Imagine Bangladesh as developed countries with a beautiful color and well designed. Anyway here is the comparison with no other countries.

Working with unsafe scaffolding

One day Bangladesh will an example to all, it is possible when directly engineering services reach to the general people, without Engineer’s prescription the general  people will not be eager in other way to do the construction work.  The day is not so far that we are imagining in open eyes. Turn your eyes to imagine.

Women works in the construction sector in Bangladesh

The documentary is made by- 
Md. Moshiur Rahman Misu Shah

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