We are committed

We are committed, energetic and passionate about creating positive Engineering change. Initiating new ideas and putting them into action, we lead bold, innovative and meaningful events to increase awareness and engage a wide range of people while keeping in mind the developing communities with whom we work.

We will understand the importance of feedback to fuel our learning as individuals and as a team - we are always open to improve in our pursuit of excellence. As a team, we are accountable to ourselves and other members to create a unique, inclusive.
Contrary to what some might initially think when they hear the name "Engineers Without Borders", our focus is not on going overseas and building wells and bridges - we use the problem-solving skills that university students typically develop to drive positive social change by engineering works.
We strongly encourage students from all faculties to join and share their own knowledge and experience.

We will promote human development by(Future):
Partnering with developing communities to help build capacity and find sustainable solutions to root cause problems.
Raising awareness among Bangladeshi about how they can make decisions that positively impact communities overseas.

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