EWB works in Bangladesh (Water and sanitation at Slum of Rajshahi City): Video Clips

Engineers Without Borders Bangladesh
In the city of Rajshahi, the people living on the bank of Padma Rivier Slum and leads a very unhygienic life.
They suffer from acute scarcity of sanitation and water supply facilities.
Waste water of the city is directly discharged into the Padma River.
The slum people uses unhygienic over hanging toilet. The wastes from the toilets and liquid waste from this slum area are directly discharged into river. On the other hand these slum people using the river water for cooking, bathing and washing purposes.
By using this polluted water the slum people suffer from various diseases.
A healthy life, cleaner and a better environment are the logical demands for the slum dwellers.
Some young philanthropist from EWB- RUET which is the concerns of EWB-Bangladesh are attempted a small step to minify the sanitary problems. With the help of great philanthropist Dr. Robert Hodgson, Coordinator of housing & hazard group(http://www.housingandhazards.org/) and Oivia Bennett, member secretary of the Institution of Civil Engineers, Scotland, Professor Dr. Md. Kamruzzaman (RUET) and the members of EWB-RUET installed a sanitary latrine for the slum people. Toilets also provide a level of privacy and dignity and adequate sanitation and encourage people o, particularly for adolescent girls in slum dwellers. In this way they try to help these slum people to a healthy life.
They also encouraged the slum people to use the latrine in a proper hygienic way.
Inspired by Salek Seraj (http://salekseraj.com/index.htm)


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